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NO PATHOGENS All mold, mildew, insects and other harmful organisms are killed.  Grain is preserved for years.



 Finally a Better Drying Technology

We started with drying corn, soybeans and woodchips, but will be expanding to other grains, biomass and industrial markets. 

In 2018 our goal is to develop ADD ONS to the grain drying system.  By using their existing FORCEFIELD system, farmers can dry alfalfa, manure, feathers and many other applications. Simply plug in the add on unit, and pathogens are killed, value is added,  time is saved, costs are lowered.




EFFICIENCY Harvest grain faster, save more on fuel, no bottlenecks. Industries can scale operations for less OPEX

The Long Awaited SOLUTION to Industrial Drying Needs


Our systems are made to scale as you grow.  Whether a farmer or ethanol refinery, our customers expect the best at an affordable price.  By lowering operating expenses by over 600%, more capital is available for expansion, new business opportunities and land purchase.

When you are ready to grow, we grow with you.  Just call today to talk with a representative about your needs, and we will design a custom solution specifically made for you.  Designs are to either retrofit existing grain bins, or a continuous flow dryer.

PREMIUM PRICESGrain dried with DryMAX has all its nutrition, volatiles like taste and smell. Highest $/bushel

DryMAX announces that it is launching its anticipated new FORCEFIELD Drying System in 2017. Its mission is to create the lowest cost, lowest energy dryer thats is a game changer for both consumers and growers. Who wants to save 600% on drying costs?

We see a world without pollutants entering the food stream during drying, while at the same time keeping all the nutrients that grains have to offer. Help us reduce the 1.4 Billion gallons of propane used annually to dry grains..


NO POLLUTION No more drying with propane or NG. All electric means safe, easy to set up, low cost.

LOWER COST Save over 600% immediately, and never worry about propane again.

Dry corn at $.05/bushel 10pts.