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Industry Disruptive Firsts

1. NO CONTAMINATION - Propane gas is embedded in cracks in grains during heat drying. Use of RF eliminates contamination from combustible fuels entering food supply.
2. NUTRITION SAVED - Most of grain nutritional value is lost using high heat methods. Our gentle process reduces kernel breakdown retaining ALL nutritional value!
3. QUALITY - Grain quality is lost which causes food producers to use unnatural additives.  Volatiles such as taste and smell are kept using RF. 
4. PRESERVATION – Grains immediately begin to rot after harvest due to mold, bacteria, insects and moisture. Our process kills living matter.  No more mold, mildew, insects or other forms of loss.  Long storage times.
5. GRAIN PREMIUM – Farmers lose revenues due to many post harvest grain maladies.  Expect higher grain prices from better quality grains.  The market will reward farmers for drying with DryMAX.
6. GERMINATION - Seed providers see results. Higher seed germination due to lower temps. DryMAX technology shows 98%+ germination rate.
7. LOWER COSTS - Propane drying cost is $.20-40/bushel.  DryMAX drying cost is $.04-.08/bushel - Less than a cent per point!
8. FAST HARVEST - Drying bottlenecks make crops vulnerable to mold and insect damage. Typical loses are 2-4% of crop per week left in field.  Harvest immediately into holding bins to eliminate losses.
9. EFFICIENCY - Bottlenecks, wasted trips, grain moving, storage issues. DryMAX Lowers cost of transport, grain moving - increases farmers net
10. NO CO2 POLLUTION, NO PROPANE SHORTAGES- 1.4 Billion gallons of Propane are used to dry grains. Electrical platform reduces risk from volatile Propane and NG supply.   DryMAX seeks to eliminate all forms of pollution in food prep.