Here at DryMAX, we are dedicated to producing the most innovative solutions to some of the worlds most energy intensive needs - DRYING.

After years of testing our patented system on 40+ feedstocks, we are entering the market in 2017 with our corn, soybean and wood chip dryers.





Our Company at a Glance


DryMAX is hiring motivated team members to ramp up production.  In the next few years we will expand Internationally, add new product lines, develop new tech, automate systems and release new forms of energy.  We are looking for experienced leaders in sales, production, engineering and design.

- If you have innovative technology or skills that you would like help to bring to the market, we will work with you if it fits into our core mission. info@drymaxsolutions.com

DRYERS in 2020 - Check Site for Updates in November: +1.612.770.4189

Kevin Eichhorn

Serial Entrepreneur, Kevin has started several companies, always innovating along the way. He developed property in Arizona, invented medical devices, consulted for clean energy companies and developed wood chip to biodiesel technology.  Growing up in Southern Africa, he saw both beauty and poverty and how the lack of basic resources such as water and electricity can hold people back. One day he hopes to solve some of these issues in developing countries where 50% of crops are lost to ruin.  He lives in Minneapolis with his wife and 5 boys, is the visionary, the developer.



Greg White - Director of Operations

Greg has 15+ years in leading medical device, audio innovations and hand gun companies. 


TEAM: 2 RF engineers, 1 Doctorate in RF Engineering, 3 Mech Engineers, 2 Chemical Engineers

Innovation * Instead of drying with high heatDryMAX uses radio waves to energize wet material resulting in a gentle, low energy and low heat drying process

Opposite Thinking * We dry from the inside out. To protect the most vital part of the grain, our waves can pass through the tough shell, targeting highest moisture first. Instead of drying outside in with heat, we push water out from the inside.

Mind Blowing Results * Water is pushed out 20 times faster. We can ease surface tension and spin out water molecules while preserving ALL of the nutrition - FAST!

​​​​Our FORCEFIELD dryers utilize radio wave energy tuned to specifically target water molecules. We figured out how to break the hydrogen bonds in H2Oat room temperature to create water vapor, not steam, and then spin it out.

The radio wave energy is contained inside the structure, but water is released as vapor, pushed out by an efficient fan. By analyzing the moisture content, the computer adjusts energy and airflow to maximize efficiency or throughput - whichever is most important.

  • Electrical only - 3 phase 480v or 240v
  • Safe - No gas explosions! No RF exits
  • Cost - low energy per ton.  Lower cost than heat systems
  • Microwaves?​ - no, they do not work at scale
  • How Large? - Systems can scale as large as you need on a bushel/hr or tons/hr basis
  • Automated - Phone App automation, Easy.
  • Mobile - Systems can be built modular so easy to move, or add on to for higher capacity