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New Drying Solutions for 2018

Rice, Barley, Soybean, Wheat, Other Seeds

New Drying Solutions for 2019




Begasse, Wood Pulp, Other Biomass

Food Processing

Municipal Drying - Sludge

If you have an industrial, processing or field drying need, please call a representative who will be happy to work with your industry.

Biomass, HEMP and Grain Drying Systems

Chose from 2 Options to Suit Your Needs


Custom solutions for each material.  There is no issue we have not been able to surmount with the right configuration.  From sawdust, sand or something solid like protein (putty like) DryMAX can find the right way to remove water without over heating.  We have to reinvent the 'cage' or dryer to suit our wave energy.

-  In all designs we aim to achieve MODULAR, EFFICIENT, LOW HEAT and QUALITY aspects to the process.


Our FLOW THROUGH dryer can dry grain/biomass in various configurations of large or commercial scale systems:

- A TOWER DESIGN enables vast amounts of grain or biomass to be dried in a controlled amount per hour.

- Similar to current tower dryers, grain is pumped to the top and gravity keeps material moving to the bottom auger or belt.

- DryMAX technology pushes water molecules out of the center of  grain, then low energy fans push the moist air away.

- Dryers work 24/7 with very little to no maintenance.

- A phone App monitors the process, so up to the minute results can be seen while in the field.

- Reduce costs from no personnel needed to oversee operations and no downtime.

Our dryers can handle 300 bushel/4 ton per hour or no limit! Tell us how much material you want to move per hour and we will come up with a solution.